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folklore book tag!

Shoutout to Star is All Booked Up for creating this awesome book tag! I have been so in my feels about Taylor’s new album, it’s so fun to do my favorite thing with my loves… match them to books !! first up… “the 1: a book you grew out of.” I’d say really any SarahContinue reading “folklore book tag!”

YA + Adult romance story suggestions

so today on the blog, I’m gonna do my book aesthetics a little differently… for each selection, I have picked an adult romance I suggest checking out if you enjoyed the YA romance, or vice versa, along with why I think they’re similar! and then I matched them with Aly & AJ outfits because theContinue reading “YA + Adult romance story suggestions”

book aesthetic: 2020 Latinx releases

Just because I can: here are some Latinx books that are releasing/have released in 2020! Some have already been published before (boo, Lizzy!) but their paperback release is in 2020 so I’m counting it!! As always, links to add the books to your the Storygraph TBR (a Goodreads substitute) and buy links will be atContinue reading “book aesthetic: 2020 Latinx releases”

book aesthetic: 2021 second half of 2020 sapphic books

recently there were a BUNCH of gorgeous sapphic book cover reveals and I wanted to highlight all the new wlw goodness we have to look forward to (some release today!) as always, buy links and link to add books to the Storygraph (a Goodreads substitute) will be below. (53 books in this list!!) WHO IContinue reading “book aesthetic: 2021 second half of 2020 sapphic books”

long review: Space Police Files by Jay Sandlin

hey folks! today on the blog I’m gonna buck the norm and write a longer review than I typically do. I’ll add the bulleted list at the bottom. I just finished reading Space Police Files by Jay Sandlin and… wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a traditional science fiction book and evenContinue reading “long review: Space Police Files by Jay Sandlin”

blog tour: Finding Joy by Adriana Herrera

today on the blog I’m excited to say that I will be wrapping up this week of blog tours for the new release, Finding Joy by Adriana Herrera! it’s a super fun, mlm romance that takes place in Ethiopia. here’s what’s in store: insta-love #ownvoices secret romance wait is he gay? workplace romance definitely notContinue reading “blog tour: Finding Joy by Adriana Herrera”

book review: a duke, the lady, and a baby

If you enjoy: instant family/single parent/secret baby tropes historical romances widows overthrowing the patriarchy secret identity dukes/noblemen and the ladies who love them enemies-to-lovers (or at least frenemies-to-lovers) disability rep biracial love Then you’ll love A DUKE, THE LADY, AND A BABY by Vanessa Riley: out now! Click picture for buy link and click hereContinue reading “book review: a duke, the lady, and a baby”

book aesthetic: bisexual stories as fergie outfits

Happy pride! Sorry I have been MIA from the blog for over a month now (was it seriously the beginning over May that I last posted??). Life, as we all know, has been *something*, and I felt guilty for some reason, to be posting about books right now, especially since I usually include my affiliateContinue reading “book aesthetic: bisexual stories as fergie outfits”

book aesthetic: social distance book fest books i’m hype for !!

last weekend, a group of amazing and dedicated bookworms put together a book festival open to all via YouTube (definitely suggest googling “social distance book fest” to find their videos they have saved!). all of the book talk got me sooo excited, so here are some books i’m looking forward to that were either recommendedContinue reading “book aesthetic: social distance book fest books i’m hype for !!”

release day: DIRTY HOOKUP by Mira Lyn Kelly

hello all! today I’m super excited to share that DIRTY HOOKUP by Mira Lyn Kelly is live anywhere you get your ebooks! here is my quick, bite size review: enemies to lovers instacrush plot twists second chance they’re both the athlete and here is the link to my review on Goodreads! enjoy!      Continue reading “release day: DIRTY HOOKUP by Mira Lyn Kelly”