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book aesthetics: adele + 2015-2018 releases

i uh… okay yes, ik it’s not great but i will read them! in the meantime, u can read them hehe. story names, authors, and goodreads links below. STAR WARS FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW by Elizabeth Schaefer (Editor), Ben Acker, Tom Angleberger, Ben Blacker, Jeffrey Brown, Jason Fry, Christie Golden, Pierce Brown, AshleyContinue reading “book aesthetics: adele + 2015-2018 releases”

book aesthetics: Rihanna + 2019-2020 releases

hello! welcome back! these are basically books I’ve read (designated by a star at the bottom) or books that seemed neat and are on my TBR, matched with rihanna outfits (for the aesthetic, naturally). scroll for goodreads pages. hope you enjoy! CEMETERY BOYS by Aiden Thomas ON THE COME UP by Angie Thomas WE HUNTContinue reading “book aesthetics: Rihanna + 2019-2020 releases”

welcome to my first official post!

hey hi, welcome! since I wanna make my page real quick, and bite-size reading, so I’ll keep it quick. what I want to do on this page: give you story recs in cute, small packages. think AO3’s tags, but better. i’m not gonna sit here and write several thousand words about whether a story isContinue reading “welcome to my first official post!”