blog tour: ALWAYS HUMAN by ari north

hey friends! today i have the super cool honor of talking about ALWAYS HUMAN by ari north, a sapphic graphic novel!! i’ll offer a non-spoiler review. rating: 5/5 stars rep: sapphic main characters, disabled main characters, person of color main character, people of color side characters, asexual side character thoughts: i read an advanced reviewContinue reading “blog tour: ALWAYS HUMAN by ari north”

2021 – The Year of Sapphic Book Excellency

Hello again fellow sapphics xD Today’s post is compiling a long list of every sapphic book (so far) that we’ve found that is releasing in 2021!! 2021 is truly going to be the year of the sapphics and we’re SO excited for every single one of these books. *coughs* authors we want to review yourContinue reading “2021 – The Year of Sapphic Book Excellency”

blog tour: Cherrington Academy by Rebecca J Caffery

Hello hello hello! It is my great privilege to share this blog tour post with you! I’m very honored that Becka asked me to be on this blog tour. Just a quick note: this blog tour stop will contain an interview, book aesthetics, mood boards, a bite-size review, and a giveaway, so there’s lot ofContinue reading “blog tour: Cherrington Academy by Rebecca J Caffery”

book review: Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

So this is going to be a long, ramble-y review through a lens of Christianity*, and how I felt RAYBEARER had powerful religious symbolism, and it will obviously contain spoilers, so read on with that in mind. To begin, I have lately developed a deep affinity for Saint Mary Magdalene, as I have started toContinue reading “book review: Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko”

Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet cover reveal!

Today I have the honor of revealing the cover of SOMEWHERE BETWEEN BITTER AND SWEET by Laekan Zea Kemp (in conjunction with Hear Our Voices). Here is the summary: I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter meets Emergency Contact in this stunning story of first love, familial expectations, the power of food, and finding where youContinue reading “Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet cover reveal!”

book aesthetic: book to film adaptations

hello friends! today i’m giving you 26 books that were adapted into film and the actors that played either the main character or a key character (some book to film adaptations had the same main actor, so I had to swap them for another actor to keep it ~fresh~). as always, buy links and linksContinue reading “book aesthetic: book to film adaptations”

folklore book tag!

Shoutout to Star is All Booked Up for creating this awesome book tag! I have been so in my feels about Taylor’s new album, it’s so fun to do my favorite thing with my loves… match them to books !! first up… “the 1: a book you grew out of.” I’d say really any SarahContinue reading “folklore book tag!”

YA + Adult romance story suggestions

so today on the blog, I’m gonna do my book aesthetics a little differently… for each selection, I have picked an adult romance I suggest checking out if you enjoyed the YA romance, or vice versa, along with why I think they’re similar! and then I matched them with Aly & AJ outfits because theContinue reading “YA + Adult romance story suggestions”

book aesthetic: 2020 Latinx releases

Just because I can: here are some Latinx books that are releasing/have released in 2020! Some have already been published before (boo, Lizzy!) but their paperback release is in 2020 so I’m counting it!! As always, links to add the books to your the Storygraph TBR (a Goodreads substitute) and buy links will be atContinue reading “book aesthetic: 2020 Latinx releases”

book aesthetic: 2021 second half of 2020 sapphic books

recently there were a BUNCH of gorgeous sapphic book cover reveals and I wanted to highlight all the new wlw goodness we have to look forward to (some release today!) as always, buy links and link to add books to the Storygraph (a Goodreads substitute) will be below. (53 books in this list!!) WHO IContinue reading “book aesthetic: 2021 second half of 2020 sapphic books”

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