YA + Adult romance story suggestions

so today on the blog, I’m gonna do my book aesthetics a little differently… for each selection, I have picked an adult romance I suggest checking out if you enjoyed the YA romance, or vice versa, along with why I think they’re similar! and then I matched them with Aly & AJ outfits because the adult romances are like the bigger sibling to the ya romance šŸ˜‰ (also if you don’t know who Aly & AJ are, I suggest Googling their amazingness rn)

If you would like to buy the book, click on the author’s name in the description below the picture, and if you want to add the book to the Storygraph (a superior Goodreads replacement), click on the title.

I paired ONCE GHOSTED, TWICE SHY by Alyssa Cole (adult romance) with CINDERELLA IS DEAD by Kalynn Bayron (YA romance) because…

  • Black sapphic romance
  • Royalty is central/recurring theme
  • The covers themselves are already so similar, do you see this??

I paired THE UPSIDE OF FALLING by Alex Light (YA romance) with MATZAH BALL SURPRISE (adult romance) by Laura Brown because…

  • Fake dating to impress the parents
  • Once again, their covers are already so gorgeously similar color wise!
  • I read both of these in a day back in February, so :0

I paired YOU HAD ME AT HOLA by Alexis Daria (adult romance) with DON’T DATE ROSA SANTOS (YA romance) by Nina Moreno because…

  • Latinx family dynamics
  • The off the shoulder dress on both these covers is sending me!!
  • Also the presence of flowers and leafs on the covers!

I paired TO HAVE AND TO HOLD by Lauren Layne (adult romance) with ONCE AND FOR ALL by Sarah Dessen (YA romance) because…

  • Wedding planning business
  • The (bridal) flowers on the cover
  • Lauren Layne and Sarah Dessen are romance powerhouses in their respective age groups

I paired THE BEST LAID PLANS by Cameron Lund (YA romance) with PRIVATE PRACTICE by Samanthe Beck (adult romance) because…

  • Hero teaches heroine the art of sex so heroine can seduce another
  • Oh wait, hero and heroine fell in love instead
  • Hero and heroine continue but pretend they don’t love each other (until they do:)

I paired TAKE THE LEAD by Alexis Daria (adult romance) with I’LL BE THE ONE by Lyla Lee (YA romance) because…

  • Dancing reality TV show
  • Dancing partners on that realty TV show
  • Suddenly they aren’t just dancing partners… šŸ˜‰

I paired I’M A GAY WIZARD by V. S. Santoni (adult romance) with THESE WITCHES DON’T BURN by Isabel Sterling (YA romance) because…

  • Queer magic users
  • Complicated friend/peer drama
  • The color schemes on both are pretty similar

I paired A PRINCE ON PAPER by Alyssa Cole (adult romance) with TRULY MADLY ROYALLY by Debbie Rigaud (YA romance) because…

  • Black woman/white man royal romance (aka Meghan and Harry vibes)
  • The greenery on both covers is calling to me!!
  • Top buttons unbuttoned on man shirt syndrome

I paired TWEET CUTE by Emma Lord (YA romance) with GIRL GONE VIRAL by Alisha Rai (adult romance) because…

  • Twitter exchange going viral forces them together
  • The green/blue color scheme is not the same but similar enough that I love
  • Heroine loves to bake/cook

Published by lizzywrites

hey! i'm lizzy and i write bite-sized reviews on books i LOVE & match book covers with outfits that celebrites have worn that I think complement them neatly. send me your cover reveals, ARCs, book review requests - for your own or your fave books! i want them all!! i also write on the super cool, very rad fiction apps of Episode, Chapters, and Wattpad. so if you wanna see more of my writing, check out those! i'm also on instagram (@lizzy.writes) and twitter (@lizzy_writes). here is my linktree for all the cool links: linktr.ee/lizzy.writes

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