welcome to my first official post!

hey hi, welcome! since I wanna make my page real quick, and bite-size reading, so I’ll keep it quick.

what I want to do on this page: give you story recs in cute, small packages. think AO3’s tags, but better. i’m not gonna sit here and write several thousand words about whether a story is good/bad/in between, but rather give u a quick premise, gush just a teensy bit, and then let you decide. I’ll never post a story on here I don’t like (at least 3/5 stars on goodreads).

quick guide: book reviews will have a cute lil sun (half of it demonstrated in the graphic above) and book aesthetics with have a cute lil moon (again, half of it demonstrated in the graphic).

something to keep in mind: I *am* an online writer. haven’t published in a hot minute, but I will occasionally reference my own stories, as well as stories I like on these platforms.

okay, that’s it! I have some posts live right now for your perusal! and follow me on twitter, instagram, and goodreads!

Published by lizzywrites

hey! i'm lizzy and i write bite-sized reviews on books i LOVE & match book covers with outfits that celebrites have worn that I think complement them neatly. send me your cover reveals, ARCs, book review requests - for your own or your fave books! i want them all!! i also write on the super cool, very rad fiction apps of Episode, Chapters, and Wattpad. so if you wanna see more of my writing, check out those! i'm also on instagram (@lizzy.writes) and twitter (@lizzy_writes). here is my linktree for all the cool links: linktr.ee/lizzy.writes

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