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2021 – The Year of Sapphic Book Excellency

Hello again fellow sapphics xD Today’s post is compiling a long list of every sapphic book (so far) that we’ve found that is releasing in 2021!! 2021 is truly going to be the year of the sapphics and we’re SO excited for every single one of these books. *coughs* authors we want to review your […]

2021 – The Year of Sapphic Book Excellency

I have never reblogged before, but doing it for this list 👀😌🥺


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hey! i'm lizzy and i write bite-sized reviews on books i LOVE & match book covers with outfits that celebrites have worn that I think complement them neatly. send me your cover reveals, ARCs, book review requests - for your own or your fave books! i want them all!! i also write on the super cool, very rad fiction apps of Episode, Chapters, and Wattpad. so if you wanna see more of my writing, check out those! i'm also on instagram (@lizzy.writes) and twitter (@lizzy_writes). here is my linktree for all the cool links:

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